February CLAS Shared Services Updates

Below is a roundup of important announcements and reminders from the Business Center. If you have a question or there is something that you'd like to include in the next roundup, please feel free to reach out to the Business Center via bsc@uconn.edu.


Special Payroll Processing Deadlines

  • Processing Deadlines for PageUp Summer Session research or teaching appointments are due in PageUp by March 15.
    • Please submit all transactions by March 8 so the Shared Services teams have enough time to review and approve.
    • Please view the HR website for more information on the upcoming deadlines.
  • Graduate Student Technicians Summer 2024 Deadlines:
    • Due to 2024 being a leap year, all Graduate Assistantships will end on May 21, 2024.
    • New Graduate Student Technicians may be hired from May 22, 2024 to August 22 2024.

One-time Recission Plans

  • As a reminder, FY25 one-time recission plans are due back by March 1.

Spring 2024 – Last Day of Work for GAs Holding F-1 and J-1 Visas

  • Federal government regulations allow graduate students on F-1 or J-1 visas to hold on-campus employment while they are pursuing their degree.
  • Graduate students who complete their degree requirements during Spring ‘24 and have their degree conferred in May will no longer be pursuing their degree after May 5, 2024.
  • Time between May 4, 2024 through May 21, 2024 should be treated as time off for any Graduate Assistant who holds an F-1 or J-1 visa and whose degree is conferred on May 5, 2024.
  • Please contact Arthur Galinat at ISSS for any questions you have.

Summer Teaching and Overload

  • 9- and 10-month faculty summer session teaching will automatically be counted towards summer salary (12/12ths).
    • Faculty that teach winter and May intersession also often teach summer session, if summer teaching defaults to overload compensation (like May and winter intersession teaching), those faculty members would automatically need to have most comp waived for their summer teaching due to the 25% overload max.
  • Faculty members who want to code summer teaching compensation toward overload because they plan to use the summer months for research should make this request prior to the start of the session and the appointment being processed.
    • If the request to change an activity to overload comes after the start of the session or after the appointment is processed, the change cannot be accommodated.
      • The faculty member will be subject to the 12/12ths earning maximum and may need to waive compensation.
    • No faculty member should be completing any overload activity expecting to be compensated without receiving overload approval by the Provost’s Office, Dean, and Department Head.
  • Please note that no activity can be split between summer salary and overload, and no overload activity can be charged on grants.

Gratis Appointment Reminder

Please note that reimbursements for Gratis appointments need to be processed through HuskyBuy rather than Concur.

FELIX Single Sign-On

  • Users can now log in to the Foundation’s FELIX system using their UConn username and password.
  • The new website to access FELIX is https://felix.foundation.uconn.edu.
    • Please follow these instructions in order to log into the system using your @uconn.edu credentials.
  • Please note that @foundation.uconn.edu user accounts will be unavailable after Friday, February 16.
  • For more information, please email helpdesk@foundation.uconn.edu.

CLAS Awards

  • The CLAS award nominations are now open through Tuesday, March 19.
    • These awards recognize extraordinary contributions of faculty and staff and are the highest honor given by the College
    • Awards will be given in four categories: Academic Leadership; Faculty Mentoring; Strategic Goals; and Staff Excellence
    • Full nomination requirements and award details can be found on the CLAS Awards web page.
    • Please send all nomination materials to clas@uconn.edu.

Relocation Reminders for New Hires

  • As you finalize new tenure track hires for the upcoming academic year, please work with the CLAS Business Center if you have any questions regarding the relocation process. Signature Relocation should be reaching out directly to the new hires once they have a signed offer letter through Page Up, but we are here to help as questions arise regarding the process.
    • The relocation allotment in the offer letter is not able to be changed once the letter is signed, so please be sure to include the relocation amount in any offer negotiation discussions.
    • UConn’s signature relocation contact is Kim Martin, but please start with the CLAS Business Center for any relocation questions first.

Onboarding Changes for New Staff Hires

  • Starting on March 22, New Employee Orientation (NEO) for staff will be moving to in-person sessions.
  • This will feature a welcoming portal with sessions with benefits and retirement experts.
  • Day 2 will still be completed online through Learning@Work.

Addressing Microaggressions in the Workplace Part 2

  • Join us for an interactive simulation on how to disrupt microaggressions and bias in the workplace. Learn to take action through different perspectives rooted in non-violent communication and compassion
  • The event will take place on Monday, March 4 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. in Arjona 105.
  • Ice cream will be served after the main event
  • Please RSVP for the event.

Event Update

  • Travel Cards can now be used to pay for events held at the Foundation, such as the Alumni Room.
  • Once an off campus event is approved using the Hotel and Events Services Form, a Travel Card can be used for payment and a requisition no longer needs to be processed.

Greenphire ClinCard

  • Did you know: Greenphire ClinCard is an available option for researchers at UConn as the preferred payment method for subject incentives.

Apple Computer Orders

  • CT DAS contract used by the University expired on January 31, 2024.
    • Until a new contract is finalized, the Apple contract and HuskyBuy will be unavailable until further notice.
    • Apple product requests must be filled out through other HuskyBuy suppliers such as CDW-G and GovConnection.

Pro-Card Software Exception Process

  • There is a form in HuskyBuy to request an exception for buying software with your pro-card.
  • The streamlined review of pro-card requested software and cloud purchases ensures that the potential Supplier’s privacy and security policies and practices protect confidential University data.
  • University pro-card holders should consider the data security and privacy implications and potential risks of purchasing software and cloud services.
  • This process may be used by pro-card holders only and if the following conditions apply:
    • Supplier will not register in HuskyBuy.
    • Supplier will not accept a UConn purchase order.
  • Visit Purchasing's website for more information about the process.

Scholarship Criteria for Protected Classes

  • In scholarships/fellowships that have specific criteria in relation to protected classes (gender, race, etc.) funds can be awarded in two ways:
    • Pool and match process, in which everyone gets a scholarship regardless.
    • Ranked on all criteria except for the protected class requirement (for example if there is a requirement that candidates should be female and the top candidate is a male, the male should be awarded a different scholarship of the same value).
    • Please note that if the protected class is a preference and not a requirement, top candidates should be awarded whether they meet the protected class requirement or not.

Professional Development Opportunities

  • UConn has partnered with Academic Impressions to offer professional development resources for higher education professionals. Resources include hundreds of hours of trainings in topics such as academic leadership, advancement, diversity, equity, and inclusion, faculty success, leadership development, compliance, and more.
  • The Office of Human Resources has partnered with The Lexington Group, Inc as the new Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The Lexington Group will provide confidential face-to-face counseling, or in certain circumstances video counseling, to assist employees in identifying and resolving personal problems no matter how unique and diverse they appear. Examples include family and marital conflicts, stress, substance abuse, depression, and other emotional issues. The Lexington Group also assists with referrals for eldercare support, child care, as well as legal and financial guidance through our Life Care program.
    • Employees may call The Lexington Group for immediate and confidential assistance at 1-800-676-HELP (4357) or access their website. The Lexington Group is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Please see the schedule for the Graduate School’s Timely Topics Series.
    • Topics for live upcoming sessions include:
      • Graduate Student Trends and Patterns: Insight from the Ombuds Office
        • Thursday, February 22 at 11 a.m.
      • Register for a session.


  • Annual Compliance and Ethics Training
  • Anyone involved in handling cash and cash equivalents for their department are required to complete the Annual Cash Handling Training for FY24.
    • This training is required for anyone who submits depositing eDocs in KFS (CR, AD, CCR).
    • Please ensure that you have completed this training as soon as possible through Learning@Work.
  • PageUp Regular Payroll: Sign up for the session.
    • February 26, 2024, from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
    • March 25, 2024, from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
  • PageUp Special Payroll: Sign up for the session.
    • February 27, 2024, from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
    • March 26, 2024, from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

CLAS Shared Services Grant Management

  • For the month of December, GMS assisted with 48 grant applications with a total requested amount of $23.5M.
  • For the month of December, CLAS was awarded 15 new award with a total funded amount of $6M.
  • 782 Effort Reports have been released to GMS for verification for 2023 summer.
  • Jess Marron joins GMS as a Grants and Contracts Associate. Jess previously worked at UMass Boston supporting central office pre-award activities. This hire fills the vacancy left by Alexander Byron’s departure in September.

CLAS Shared Services Information Technology

  • NetID and email changes: NetIDs will no longer be related to names. The first 3 letters will be random.
  • Address format: Starting in January 2024, the format for all new addresses will be NetID@uconn.edu (e.g., abc12345@uconn.edu).
  • You may request an email alias by sending submitting a ticket to techsupport@uconn.edu.
    • New students (graduate students starting after 2023 and undergraduates starting in the Summer or Fall 2024 semester): Your email address will be your NetID followed by @uconn.edu (e.g., abc12345@uconn.edu).
    • Current students: You will keep your published UConn email address. Any other aliases that you may have created will be dropped when you graduate.
    • Graduating students: You will lose access to your mailbox, but you can utilize the Alumni Forwarding Service (AFS)
    • Current faculty and staff: You will keep your published UConn email address and aliases.
    • Faculty and staff hired after 2023: Your email address will be your NetID followed by @uconn.edu (e.g., abc12345@uconn.edu)
  • Learn more about the email change.

CLAS Shared Services Facilities Services

  • CLAS Facilities is currently taking requests for small to medium sized projects that we can assist with over the summer of 2024.


  • Michael Melnik, Educational Program Assistant 2, COMM
  • Jess Marron, Grants and Contracts Associate, CLAS GM
  • Adam Kolano, Financial Assistant 1, PHYS