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The Business Center oversees the financial, administration, and human resources in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Our team helps CLAS departments manage their budgets, data, purchases, and teaching staff. We are dedicated to developing new ways to innovate and improve efficiency, including developing our own in-house applications.

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Accounts and Reports

The Business Center is the College’s primary contact for questions about unrestricted and departmental accounts. For questions about grant accounts, please contact CLAS Grant Management Services.

UConn KFS Accounts

Funding for the College is housed in UConn’s Kuali Financial System (KFS). The Business Center is responsible for providing CLAS departments and supervisors with spending reports for all KFS accounts.

Foundation Accounts

In some cases, Departments and individuals also have access to separate accounts maintained by the UConn Foundation. While the Foundation oversees reporting for these accounts, the Business Center can help faculty and staff process reimbursements, develop spending plans, and interface with the Foundation.

Learn more on our Accounts and Reports page.

CHAD Dashboard

The College Holistic Academic Data (CHAD) dashboard is an application developed by the Business Center that allows the College to collect, analyze, and report administrative and financial data. It also helps departments track progress toward their goals and advocate for resources from the University.

The academic dashboard includes information about:

  • Personnel and their roles in a department.
  • Enrollment data and degree conferral numbers for a department’s undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs.
  • Research expenditures.
  • Grant proposal numbers.
  • Departmental room square foot data.
  • Department ratios.

Department administrators can view financial, staffing, and enrollment trends by logging into the CHAD dashboard. Please note that you must be connected to UConn’s internet.


The Business Center can assist departments with setting up payroll for employees, undergraduate and graduate student workers, and temporary staff appointments. Our team can also help you navigate central University systems, including PageUp (UConn’s system for recruiting new employees and special payroll positions) and Core-CT (payroll and timecard processing for all employees and students).

Learn more on our Payroll page.


The University offers several methods by which departments, administrators, and researchers can purchase goods and services. Each method has its own guidelines and policies. The Business Center can advise employees of their options and facilitate purchases to outside vendors. Our team can also help you navigate central resources, including HuskyBuy, the University’s preferred purchasing system.

Learn more on our Purchasing page.

Staffing Plan and Business Management Services (BMS)

The CLAS Staffing Plan, also known as Business Management Services (BMS), is an integrative system developed by the Business Center to help academic units manage their courses.

BMS provides the College with the information it needs to meet its teaching mission. It also communicates with the Registrar’s Office to provide an accurate list of course offerings for the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs.

Academic units can also use BMS to:

  • Schedule and proof courses.
  • Review course pressures and graduate assistant needs.
  • View financial metrics related to courses like temporary labor costs, cost per seat, and teaching load statistics.

Administrators in academic units have the ability to input and edit data regarding course offerings live at any time. The Business Center provides reporting capabilities within the system to review data related to courses, instructors, and students.

Please note that you must be connected to UConn’s internet to access BMS.


The Business Center can assist CLAS employees as they book business-related travel and process expenses for faculty, staff, and guests. In addition, CLAS Grant Management Services can help PIs with planning and processing travel for projects funded by external research grants. All expenses for employees are processed within Concur, UConn’s travel system.

Learn more on our Travel page.

Staff Groups

The Shared Services Business Center coordinates regular meetings for staff in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) who perform critical business functions. Learn more about staff groups and meetings.

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