Information Technology

CLAS Information Technology, or CLAS IT, is a collaboration of IT professionals that support the use of technology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

We consult with researchers and educators to understand their needs and find cost-effective, sustainable solutions. We also collaborate with colleagues in UConn Information Technology Services to support and advocate for the College.

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Our Services

Equipment Services

CLAS IT provides faculty and staff with a range of IT support for their computers, printers, software, labs, and data.

Computer/Desktop Support

Our IT professionals can help you with common computer-related issues. Frequent requests include (but are not limited to):

  • Customer support for undiagnosed issues, such as computers not working or trouble connecting to the internet.
  • Setting up new computers and computer imaging.
  • Setting up personal devices for certain work activities, like checking your UConn email on a personal phone.
  • Data backup and recovery.
  • Loaner laptops for short-term use.
  • Malware support, including the prevention and removal of malware infections.


We can help you set up and connect to University printers. We can also connect you with outside vendors for purchasing new equipment and repairs.

Computer Labs and AV Rooms

We provide computer and AV support for many computer labs and conference rooms on campus.

Professional Services

CLAS IT consults with faculty and staff to understand their unique technology needs. We work with you to find and implement solutions that are cost-effective, sustainable, and compliant with University policies.

Software / Application Support

Our team can provide third-party software support for you, your class, your lab, or your department. We can also help you identify new software needs and work with outside vendors to purchase, maintain, and install licenses.


Our office tracks the College’s existing IT assets, including computers, printers, and other devices. We do this in part to make sure that your equipment gets the required updates and repairs it needs to function properly.

We can also consult with you or your department to make sure your technology systems are compliant with federal laws. Examples include Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).

Finally, our IT professionals can help you comply with the University’s IT policies and security requirements for research data (such as external grant requirements).


Our IT staff coordinates with departments and our colleagues in the Business Center to purchase new equipment for CLAS faculty and staff.

We can consult with individuals and departments to make recommendations for equipment purchases, including computers and printers. CLAS IT team members can help you come up with a long term plan to replace computers and equipment.

We also work with departments to equip new CLAS employees with the technology they need to be successful researchers, educators, and professionals.


Our team members are happy to consult with individuals, researchers, and departments on their technology needs. Common requests include:

  • Custom solutions for individuals.
  • Security needs related to research and data.
  • Technology solutions for entire departments to help them meet goals related to research, teaching, and outreach.

Servers and Infrastructure

CLAS IT can guide faculty and staff on server and infrastructure solutions. Our support ranges from facilitating the use of an Enterprise ITS solution to the creation of a custom solution.


We provide support for or directly manage Linux and Windows systems and servers. Common requests include:

  • Providing a new staff member with access to a department shared folder.
  • Remotely installing new software packages.
  • Guidance on research that requires the use of Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP.

File Services

CLAS IT can set up and maintain shared folders for departmental administrative needs. Our services include:

  • Managing access to department shared folders.
  • Facilitating interdepartmental sharing of data.
  • Setting up network shared folders for researchers and educators to store their data.
  • Backups and file recovery for CLAS shared folders.
  • Access management for new and existing Q: drive folders.


CLAS IT staff can help convert aging physical servers into a virtual server hosted on VMWare. Virtual machines can be provisioned for various purposes including VDI, P2V, or required new servers.

Software Development

CLAS IT can help provide custom software to support the College’s administrative needs.

Get IT Help

Have questions? Make a request with CLAS IT! Our IT professionals can help you with most common technology problems, including:

  • Laptop, desktop, and printer support.
  • Getting a new computer.
  • Using technology for research and teaching.
  • Accessing your computer remotely or logging into the VPN.
  • And more!