The University offers several methods for departments, administrators, and researchers to purchase goods and services.

Options include HuskyBuy, Purchase Orders, Procurement Cards, and Disbursements to Vendors, among others.

Each method has its own guidelines, policies, and appropriate uses. Please view the sections below for more information. For additional questions, please contact the Business Center.

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Purchasing Methods

Shop Catalogs (HuskyBuy)

HuskyBuy is the preferred method for University purchases. Employees should use HuskyBuy before trying alternative purchasing methods. Common purchases include:

  • Research supplies
  • Computers and peripherals
  • Maintenance, repair, and operating supplies
  • Office furniture
  • Printed materials at University contract prices

HuskyBuy posts to the University’s KFS system, allowing for quick and efficient processing of payments. Items are typically delivered quickly, and the University is able to easily return items and receive credits from suppliers.

Purchase Orders

A purchase order is an agreement between a vendor and the University to provide goods and/or services. The University maintains contracts with approved vendors. When contracting with a vendor that is not currently approved by the University, you may require additional information to proceed.

You may also use purchase orders for personal services, such as consulting, photography, and equipment maintenance.

Procurement Cards

Staff who have successfully completed training and have filled out an application are eligible to receive a UConn Procurement Card. The Procurement Card is a University-administered credit card that can be used to purchase allowable items for which it may not be practical to use a purchase order or that are not available using Shop Catalogs or other purchasing methods.

Procurement Card transactions are posted and processed in Concur. Purchases made using a Procurement Card are reallocated directly to KFS accounts on a monthly basis. Purchases made with a Procurement Card should not be charged sales tax.

Departments should ensure that supporting documentation and applicable receipts are attached within Company Billed Statement (CBS) in Concur. For more information on the P-Card benefits, restrictions and process, please visit Purchasing’s website.

Subject Incentives

Subject Incentives allow faculty to receive advances for research-related projects. Faculty may require additional documentation to initiate this type of advance (i.e. IRB form and promissory note).

Disbursement to Vendors

Direct payments to vendors for personal services should be under $2,500 and processed as a Disbursement Voucher in HuskyBuy. Any payment exceeding $2,500 must be processed as a Purchase Order, Special Payroll, or the Personal Service Agreement (PSA).

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

University employees may make small out-of-pocket purchases of allowable goods and services for official University use. These emergency purchases are limited to $499.99 per item. Employees may be reimbursed by the University for such purchases.

Out-of-pocket purchases should be made only when circumstances are such that the use of a regular purchase order is not practical. This procedure does not, in any way, replace the established purchasing procedure.