Accounts and Reports

The College’s accounts are managed through Kuali, the University’s central financial system.

In some cases, CLAS departments and individuals also have access to accounts maintained by the UConn Foundation, an independent nonprofit organization that operates a separate financial system.

While the Foundation oversees reporting for these accounts, the Business Center can help faculty and staff process reimbursements, develop spending plans, and interface with the Foundation.

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The Business Center is responsible for tracking the College’s funds and for providing CLAS departments and supervisors with spending reports.

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University Accounts

Funds at UConn are housed in the Kuali Financial System (KFS). The Business Center sends regular account balance reports to departments and to individuals listed as an account supervisor in KFS.

For questions about these accounts or guidance on how to spend account balances, please email the Business Center or contact the representative assigned to your department.

Department Reports

The Business Center provides department heads and staff with electronic reports of account balances on a weekly basis. These reports are distributed every week in PDF format via Account balances reflect all transactions within the financial system and should be monitored closely by the department to ensure good stewardship of University funds.

Faculty Reports

The Business Center also provides electronic reports of account balances to any faculty member who is listed as an account supervisor on a fund in KFS. Faculty will only receive these reports if they have active accounts with current fiscal year activity. These reports are distributed bi-weekly via

Our team values feedback and suggestions regarding any and all of our reports. For additional report development, please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting financial reports?

Anyone listed as an account supervisor in the University’s financial system (KFS) within CLAS will receive auto-generated reports sent to their email on a bi-weekly basis.

What if I think I should be receiving reports but am not?

Reports are generated based on who is listed as an account supervisor. Please contact your department administrator or the Business Center for assistance.

What do the red highlighted boxes mean?

The boxes that appear in red indicate an approaching end date on an account, a past end date on an account, or an account deficit. You should contact your department administrator or the Business Center for assistance in clearing up these issues.

Why are there still old 5/6 ledger accounts listed on my account summary?

Please contact your unit's representative in Grant Management Services if an account remains on your statement but should have been closed out. It often takes several weeks for accounts to be finalized and removed from reports. 

Why didn’t I receive a report this week?

If all the accounts for which you are the account supervisor have no transactions in the bi-weekly period, you will not receive a report. If at least one transaction occurs, you will receive a report.

What should I do if I don’t understand a charge?

If a charge looks incorrect or unfamiliar, please contact your department administrator or the Business Center for assistance.

Foundation Accounts

The UConn Foundation, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization that operates exclusively to promote the educational, scientific, cultural, research, and recreational objectives of the University of Connecticut. The Foundation solicits, administers, and invests private funds for the sole benefit of the University and its mission of pursuing excellence in teaching, research, and public service.

UConn Foundation accounts, created through philanthropic gifts, have different spending guidelines than University accounts. Any reimbursements from these funds to the University need to be expensed from the department’s 6-ledger Foundation accounts. Reimbursements should be made through the Foundation RFD system.

The Foundation provides CLAS department administrators with monthly reports from the Foundation’s reporting system, FELIX, that display current account balances and other information for their Foundation funds. Review Foundation account balances here.