May CLAS Shared Services Updates

Below is a roundup of important announcements and reminders from the Business Center. If you have a question or there is something that you'd like to include in the next roundup, please feel free to reach out to the Business Center via


Payroll Reminders

Fall 2023 adjunct appointments are due in PageUp with Unit Head approval on 5/26/23. We are requesting that you please submit all transactions by 5/19/23 to allow the Business Center adequate time for review and approval.

  • Fall adjuncts will be due in CORE 7/21/23 to allow CLAS adequate time to review and approve.
    • Adjunct faculty per credit minimum rate is $1,973.
      • Adjuncts who have worked more than four semesters of continuous employment must minimally earn the 2% increased per credit rate of $2,012.46.
      • Adjuncts who have worked more than twelve semesters of continuous employment must minimally earn the 3% increased per credit rate of $2,032.19.

Connecticut State Minimum Wage increases to $15 per hour effective 6/1/23.

Graduate Assistant Payroll

  • Fall Grad students are due in CORE 7/7/23, to allow CLAS adequate time to review and approve.
  • Graduate School Timely Topics.
    • Thursday, 5/18/2023 at 11am – Graduate Admissions Cycle 2022 – 2023 Debrief.
    • Thursday 6/1/2023 at 1pm – Preparing for Fall: Graduate Assistant Payroll Procedures.
  • New Graduate Employee Union (GEU) contract important update:
    • Continuing Fall Graduate Assistant Offer Letters need to be sent to students by 6/1/2023.
    • Supplemental Description of Duties – Due at time of Entry into Smart-HR.

Procurement Updates

Reminder – after a PO has been established, the invoice referencing the PO # will need to be sent to for the payment request to be initiated

FY24 Blanket Order (FORM)

Two items to remember when submitting your FY24 Blanket Orders:

  • Accounting Date, Reference to last year PO in the cart name
  • For any Software renewals, please contact Elaine Dumas– even if you are not ready to submit the requisition into HuskyBuy - her team can assist in navigating this process

Upcoming Year End Reminders

Due to the merit process, all AAUP employees will have a blackout period in CORE. Please do not submit any faculty continuations/renewals or other faculty changes until the Shared Services Business Center provides an update – this applies to any transactions effective 8/23/23 and beyond. Separations can continue to be submitted as well as any transactions with effective dates prior to 8/23/2023.

The Business Center will be reaching out soon about departmental 6Ls that need RFDs. We will be asking to confirm which Foundation accounts will be reimbursing the specific expenses and will be assisting in processing the RFDs for the departments.

There is an updated Foundation Pre-Approval Form (see attached). The main difference is the updated signatories.

Key FY23 University Year End Deadlines

  • Payroll Funding Changes: June 5th, 2023
  • Pro-Card: All Pro-Card transactions posted June 13 and prior will be considered FY23 transactions. The June 13 CBS statement must be submitted by the cardholder and fully approved by June 22nd, 2023
  • TFs, SSBAs, IB, GLT, DI – June 26th, 2023


The University is implementing Interfolio into the PTR process. It is strongly recommended that all users who will support the administration of the PTR process as system administrators complete the Interfolio Review, Promotion, & Tenure Unit Administrator Training Course in advance of utilizing the PTR module.

All resources can be found here.

Please refer to this guide on how to access and use Interfolio for PTR cases.


To receive updates on the CLSS project and other scheduling issues, please subscribe to the Registrar Academic Scheduling Listserv.

All updates will be available in the CourseLeaf Section Scheduler.

New Online Supplemental Description Duties Form

An online workflow for the Supplemental Description of Duties (SDD) form has been created. This form is available for use by all departments, however, it’s not required that departments use it. Paper forms or department-specific templates can still be used.

Graduate School - GA Supplemental Description of Duties Form.

Scholarship and Fellowship Update

Due to a recent change in the Scholarship and Fellowship change, please note that Fellowships are used for research purposes and should be submitted through the Fellowship system, while Scholarships are strictly academic and should be submitted through the Scholarship workflow. Please check the purpose or your awards in the monthly FELIX report to determine if it is a fellowship or a scholarship. If you have any questions, please contact the BC.


The deadline to complete the 2023 Annual Employee Compliance and Ethics Training is 5/26/2023 for all faculty and staff.

The deadline to complete OIE’s Understanding Domestic Violence Training is 7/1/2023 for all faculty and staff.

Staff Technology Day, run by ITS, will take place 6/6/2023 from 9:00-3:30 in the SU Ballroom.

  • They will be talking about major changes in IT systems, Microsoft 365, and Cyber Safety.
  • You can register for it here.

Recurring Topics

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will be holding a Conference for Administrative Excellence on June 7, 2023 in Storrs Hall rooms WW16 and WW01. Please note that this event will be in person only. There will not be a remote option.

CLAS Shared Services Grant Management

Grant Management Services is looking at ways to enhance post-award services. If you have any suggestions or requests, please send them to Tyler Tulloch (

For new NSF proposals submitted on or after October 23, 2023, SciENcv will be required for both the Biosketch and the Current and Pending (Other) Support. Faculty are encouraged to complete this as soon as possible to avoid delays in proposal submission and can reference this SciENcv FAQ. GMS will be sending out additional guidance to faculty before the start of the academic year.

For NSF proposals submitted on or after July 31, 2023, all faculty and other senior personnel named on the proposal must complete an approved form of RCR training before any funding can be awarded. Postdocs, grad students and undergraduates are also still required to complete RCR training before conducting NSF-supported research. The Office of the Vice President for Research provides information and additional guidance for adhering to the Responsible Conduct of Research requirements here. If faculty and other senior personnel have already completed an approved form of RCR training, no further action is necessary. Principal Investigators are responsible for ensuring that their postdocs, grad students, and undergraduate students complete an approved form of RCR training.

Summer Payroll Pre-Encumbrances on Grant Accounts:

  • CLAS GMS is reviewing the PageUp and CORE transactions for all summer payroll on grant accounts.
  • We are tracking all GAs and faculty on grant accounts and then saving pre-encumbrance edocs in KFS for the salary and fringe amounts on the grant accounts.
  • You will be able to see these pre-encumbrances in the bi-weekly reports.
  • Once payroll has submitted the actual payroll encumbrance on the grant, we will then delete our pre-encumbrances from KFS.
  • This will provide faculty with an accurate projection of their grant accounts before and during the summer.

CLAS Shared Services IT

As part of our Microsoft enterprise agreement, UConn faculty and staff now have access to Viva Learning. This application acts as a portal for Microsoft 365 (M365) and Microsoft Learning content libraries and lets the person view, bookmark, and share videos with others. Much of the Microsoft curated material focuses on using their products, which is relevant as M365 is heavily used at the university, but other work-related topics are available too. Faculty and staff can access Viva Learning from within Teams or using a browser by logging in with their UConn M365 account.

More information about Viva Learning.


  • Stephanie Turbes, Educational Program Assistant 2, Dean’s Office
  • Gabrielle Bouchard, Financial Assistant 1, CLAS SS Business Center

Well Wishes

  • DeNee Saunders, Educational Program Assistant 1, PSYC
  • Marc Massicotte, Financial Assistant 1, CHEM

Fun Facts

  • Baby birds learn to sing during spring. Although they are born with the ability to sing, they must learn the specific songs of their species. They often learn their songs within two months of being born.
  • Benjamin Franklin was the first to propose daylight savings time in 1784. It wasn't fully implemented until the end of the Second World War.
  • May 19th: National Endangered Species Day