January CLAS Shared Services Updates

Below is a roundup of important announcements and reminders from the Business Center. If you have a question or there is something that you'd like to include in the next roundup, please feel free to reach out to the Business Center via bsc@uconn.edu.


Budget and Staffing Plan Meetings

Annual Budget and Staffing Plan Meetings are now underway. Please ensure that your course offering details and teaching assignments are up to date in BMS so they can be reviewed. Thank you for all your hard work as we work through this year’s cycle of meetings.

Other Staffing Plan Updates

Fall 2023 1st Proof Data

  • Sections with a cap of 75+ have been sent to the Registrar
  • Sections under a cap of 75 will be set to the Registrar in the next couple of weeks. The remainder of sections under the cap of 75 need to be updated within BMS regarding cap, time, mode, and offerings before Friday, January 27 as these details are being finalized to be sent to the Registrar.
  • The final deadline for any changes is the first week of March.


    Still waiting for additional information on Courseleaf.

    Payroll Reminders

    Summer Graduate appointments are due in PageUp Friday, 2/24, to allow CLAS SS BC and GM time for review and approval.

    Cash Ops Information


    Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm

    Contact Information

    Email: cashoperations@uconn.edu

    • Alyse Lofman-Kwapien, Manager Cash Operations
    • Sherri Manis, Supervisor Cash Operations
    • Amanda Ehrhardt, Incoming Student Payments
    • Jeanine Lavigne, Incoming Departmental Deposits
    • Carrie Noheimer, Outgoing Student Disbursements
    • Farhana Azmat, Outgoing Accounts Payable Disbursements

    Naming Convention

    • CR – Department Name, Date (MM/DD/YY), $ amount
    • AD – Department Name, Date (MM/DD/YY), $ amount
    • CCR – Date (MM/DD/YY), $ amount, last 3 digits of merchant account

    Other Information

    CLAS internal funding opportunities

    Helpful information for faculty and staff

    Active Threat Training

    Departments can contact the UConn PD to set up various Community Educational programs in addition to the Active Threat training that was recently held. See the full list of available programs.

    UConn’s Emergency Hazard Guide can be downloaded and installed directly on your desktop or laptop.


    Page Up Trainings

    Regular Payroll: January 24, 2023 from 9am to 12pm (Register)

    Special Payroll: January 25, 2023 from 9am to 11am (Register)

    Advanced Training for Microsoft Teams

    Go further with Microsoft Teams: a closer look at integrated apps.

    January 25, 2023 at 1:30pm (Register)

    CLAS Shared Services Grant Management

    The CLAS SS Grant Management team has grown over the past year in an effort to better service the CLAS faculty, departmental administrators and staff. We are working on improving our response turnaround times with emails, account setups, payroll approvals, projections, and resolving account deficits while still adhering to SPS Pre-Award 5-day business rule with grant submissions.

    CLAS Shared Services Facility Services

    If there are any departments that are anticipating employee retirements we ask that someone from the unit contact CLAS Facilities. In most cases we can provide clean out assistance to the person retiring and aid in space preparation for a new hire. Please reach out to your Building Manager or send an email to CLASFSHelp@uconn.edu.

    CLAS Shared Services IT

    Please contact CLAS IT at CLASIT@uconn.edu for your technology needs.

    Shout Out

    Welcome to the following people who are joining CLAS!

    • Alexandra Urban, Financial Assistant 2, CLAS SS GM
    • Victoria Rosado, Financial Assistant 2, CLAS SS GM
    • Sara Geary, Admin Program Support 1, SLHS
    • Emily Petry, Educational Program Assistant 1, CLAS Shared Services


    Fun Fact

    CTRL + Shift + T (Windows) or CMD + Shift + T (Mac) reopens a tab that you closed!