Travel to domestic and international locations on faculty research awards is very common. When preparing a grant application, faculty should be certain to consider what potential travel locations they may visit.

To remain allocable and allowable on grant accounts, travel requests should always be included in the full proposal of any grant application submitted to a sponsor. Travel to locations that were not previously mentioned may be deemed unallowable and therefore not eligible for reimbursement on the grant award.

Before You Go and While You’re Away

Before traveling, the Grant Management team can assist in preparing the travel arrangements. Actions that a faculty member can do ahead of time include:

  • Notify a Grant Management team member
  • Complete the Travel Justification Form
  • Complete a Pre-Trip form if traveling internationally
  • If you require an advance, complete the Advance Agreement and return to your department admin

While a faculty member is away, the faculty member should be certain to document all expenses as well as to obtain proof of travel. Proof of travel can be as simple as a receipt from the location billed to a faculty member’s name.

Note: Please be aware of caveats such as the Fly America Act.

When You Come Back

The faculty member should submit all receipts to the department admin, who will then process the reimbursement. Faculty members should be certain to include language as to what research objectives were studied while on travel, and how this travel benefits the grant project.

Reimbursement Process

Once submitted to the department, the department administrator will process a Disbursement Voucher in UConn’s Financial System (KFS). This voucher will be reviewed by Grant Management, Sponsored Programs, and the Travel Office.