Services We Offer

Grant Management handles all matters related to award administration. These activities include:

  • Projecting future expenses and remaining balances
  • Reviewing current expenses for accuracy
  • Requesting additional time on projects
  • Cost-transferring expenses as needed
  • Providing custom reports

Effort Reporting

Effort reporting is a certification process that occurs at the conclusion of the spring, fall, and summer periods. Grant Management reviews the effort reports for accuracy before releasing reports to faculty members. We can also assist you with understanding the terminology involved, and how to certify your effort report(s).

Faculty Reports

Faculty reports are sent in bi-weekly batches on Mondays. If you have any accounts with the University, you will receive a report for all of your financial accounts. These reports should break down as follows:

  1. A review of all of the accounts for which you are the manager
  2. A detailed balance report depicting balances in different categories
  3. A 2-week prior reporting of expenses

In addition to these reports, Grant Management can create a custom report to match your needs. For example, we can export a list of all expenses that have occurred over the lifetime of a project, or a detail reporting of salary and fringe.

No-Cost Extensions/Close-Out

During the life time of a project and prior to an award ending, Grant Management will work to facilitate the healthy use of grant funding. We also offer assistance when the time comes to close out an award and assure that all deliverables on the project have been met.

Re-Budgeting of Awarded Funds

Grant Management can also assist in repurposing of funding. Our team will, if needed, garner permission from the sponsor to rebudget funds, provide the proper documentation, and assure that any rebudget request are fulfilled so that you may best apply the funds to your research efforts.

Hiring Personnel

Before working with your department admins to initiate the hiring of a person on a grant, it is a good idea to check with Grant Management to assure your plans are sound. Please feel free to reach out to us ahead of any hiring discussions. Contact your representative or email us at

Survey Feedback

We now have a survey that faculty can access to provide feedback on the post-award service they received.
To access the survey, please click here.

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