Financial Reports

Faculty Reports

Faculty Reports come in a single interactive PDF file featuring 3 levels of reporting:

  • Report 1: Faculty Statement of Accounts Summary: snapshot summary of account number, name, end date and balance.
  • Report 2: Faculty Statement of Accounts by Object Code: A more detailed view on the object codes and broader categories in which expenses are made. The budget, actuals, encumbrances and what is available are shown by object description.
  • Report 3: Faculty Transaction for a 2-week period: Shows the transactional detail for the last two weeks for each object code. Blue hyperlinked object codes have activity within the last two weeks, these are drill-down capable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why am I getting financial reports?

A: Anyone listed as an account supervisor on a KFS account within CLAS will receive auto-generated reports sent to their email on a bi-weekly basis.

Q: What if I think I should be receiving reports but am not?

A: Since the reports are generated based on who is listed as Account Supervisor, it would be best to contact your department administrator or the BSC for assistance.

Q: What do the red highlighted boxes mean?

A: The boxes that appear in red indicate an approaching end date on an account, a past end date on an account, or an account deficit. You should contact your department administrator or BSC for assistance in clearing up these issues.

Q: Why are there still old 5/6 Ledger accounts listed on my account summary?

A: There are a few reasons for these accounts still appearing even months after the end date. Some accounts experienced a delay in closing transactions due to the migration from FRS into KFS and are still in the clean-up stages. Also, there are accounts currently in the clean-up process, but have signed forms and reporting to the sponsor finalized. For concerns, please contact your department administrator or BSC for assistance on specific accounts.

Q: Why didn’t I receive a report this week?

A: If all the accounts for which you are the account supervisor have no transactions in the bi-weekly period, you will not receive a report. If at least one transaction occurs, you will receive a report.

Q: What should I do if I don’t understand a charge?

A: If a charge looks incorrect or unfamiliar, please contact your department administrator or BSC at for assistance.

Q: Why do I have two IDC allotment accounts?

A: Some PI’s/department’s have two accounts that still exist: 2011 Allotment and 2012 Allotment. The 2012 Allotment account will be the one to remain open and have new allotments added to. For PI’s that previously did not have an existing IDC account, a new account will be created at the time allocations are made. The 2011 Allotment accounts with funds remaining after 12/31/2012 had the end date extended in order to allow for additional time to spend. The 2011 Allotments will eventually close and one account will be maintained.

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