We pre-install a large selection of software in the base software load for most computers when they are originally deployed and this includes programs like Microsoft Office and Adobe reader. If you need to install additional software for use in research or administrative functions then in most cases you have administrative privileges so you should be able to install it. If you have technical issues acquiring or installing software then please consult with us.

Contracted Software

Information Technology Services (ITS) negotiates contracts with major software vendors for commonly used software. Please visit the UConn Software page to see the available software that you can obtain. Our contracted price offers you reduced pricing for many mathematical software packages, huge discounts for home-use Microsoft products, and an information source for non-standard software packages.

Free Applications


7-Zip Decompression program for extracting ZIP files as well as many other formats.
Audacity Free audio editing software that is similar in features to Adobe Audition (previously known as Adobe Cool Edit Pro).
Chrome Free web-browser that is similar in features to Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.
Filezilla An open-source (free) file transfer application that supports FTP and SSH connections.
GIMP The GNU Image Manipulation Program is an open source freeware program that has many of the features that are available in the commercial Adobe Photoshop application.
Infrarecorder Open source (free) software used to write to CDs and DVDs.
IrfanView An excellent freeware image viewing program.
Firefox Free open-source web-browser that is similar in features to Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.
KompoZer An open-source (free) website WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that has many of the features that are available in the commercial Adobe Dreamweaver application.
LibreOffice An open-source (free) office suite that offers comparable features to and file compatibility with Microsoft Office. This suite includes Writer (like Word), Calc (like Excel), Impress (like PowerPoint), and Base (like Access). In addition to being free the installer for this suite is also about a third the size of Microsoft Office.
MiKTeX An open-source (free) command-line suite for producing TeX documents. And use TeXnicCenter to make it easier to produce the documents.
Notepad++ An open-source and free text editor that provides more flexibility and performance than standard text editors such as Notepad or Wordpad.
PDFForge An open-source and free PDF creation tool. Previously known as PDFCreator.
R An open-source (free) statistical computation and graphical display programming environment that provides similar functionality to SAS, Matlab, SPSS, Minitab, Stata, etc.
TeXnicCenter An open-source (free) alternative to WinEdt for graphically editing TeX documents. Download this and MiKTeX for producing TeX documents.
Thunderbird An open-source (free) email client that is a good alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

Web Tools


Password Generator If you have trouble generating secure passwords you can use this online application to create passwords for you.