We consult with the faculty and staff within the areas we support in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to provide a set of core services, which are listed below. There are many other duties that we perform but most of those are only internally relevant so they are not listed on this page.

In addition to the external services that we provide you can see the external list of services below or you can contact us if you need help determining if some other service is offered by a different group.

Computer Labs


There are many computer labs we support on campus and below we list our commonly supported labs. This list does not include most small private research labs that are run by an individual researcher. If any issues are encountered in the labs listed below please contact us.


Location Lab
ARJ 203 Communication Research Lab
This lab of 18 computers is a research lab mostly used by Professor Mark Hamilton.
AUST 232 English Graduate Research Lab
A lab of 6 computers used for graduate computing.
AUST 246 English Graduate Lab
This lab is used by the English department for graduate research.
AUST 339 Statistics Research Lab
The Statistics Research Lab is used by graduate students within the department of Statistics to perform long-term analysis jobs using various mathematical software programs as well as custom created programming tools.
AUST 340 Statistics Homework & Teaching Lab
The Statistics Homework & Teaching Lab is a lab that is used to instruct undergraduate students the use of programs such as R and SAS for statistical analysis. This lab is also used during specific times for students taking various statistics courses to seek help with graduate students and to work on their homework outside of class.
BCH 231 Geosciences Graduate Research & Teaching Lab
A hitech classroom with 6 PCs and a few Mac computers used for graduate research and teaching.
BCH 447B Anthropology Research & Teaching Lab
This particular lab is mostly used for Anthropology graduate research, but some graduate level courses are offered in this lab from time to time.
HDB 118 HDFS Humphrey Clinic Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Lab
A lab of 8 computers used by graduate students within the HDFS counseling program.
HDB 142 HDFS Center For Applied Research in Human Development Lab
Graduate research lab consisting of 8 computers for students within the CARHD program.
MAN 318 Sociology Research Lab
The Sociology Research Lab is used by graduate students for a place to do research using various mathematical software packages.
OAK 336 Economics Graduate Lab
Small graduate work-space lab.
OAK 308 CLAS OAK 308 Teaching Lab
The CLAS OAK 308 lab is a very popular teaching lab that is mostly used by instructors within Communications, Economics, Political Science and Sociology. It features 30 workstations for students and a dedicated workstation for the instructor that all run the same software image that includes many mathematical software packages as well as custom software installations. Please contact the CLAS Dean’s Office for scheduling this room and check the Exchange calendar “~CLAS – Oak308” for openings.
PCSB 105 Speech and Hearing Clinic Graduate Research Lab
A lab used by graduate students within the Audiology Program within the Speech and Hearing Clinic. This lab allows graduate students to use software for clinical work with live data and to perform their own research.

Computer Purchases

If you wish to purchase a new computer please visit our Computers – Purchase and Support website. We support a variety of Dell and Apple computer models.

Computer Hardware Repair

When you experience a hardware issue with your standard University computer that is under warranty please contact us and we will service the computer.

For notebooks and off-campus computers please drop it off at our office. For desktop computers that are on-campus, we will service them at their location. Most Dell computers purchased through us will have a 5-year warranty and most Apple computers will have a 3-4 year warranty. Most Dell computers are purchased with accidental “Complete Care” coverage so you are warrantied against drops, spills, etc.

The time to repair hardware issues can vary but typically receive parts for Dell computers by overnight air mail so we can generally return the computer to you within 2 days. With Apple computers, the repair process can take long since we need to repair computers through the UConn Coop.

Computer Upgrades: Setup and Transition

When you receive a new computer and need to have your data transitioned to a new computer please contact us to schedule an appointment. It is important to note that in most cases you do not need to be present for the upgrade.

The typical process we follow involves making note of select computer settings (such as your printers), backing up your data, reimaging the computer, importing the data and modifying some key settings. Most of your settings are not ported over to the new installation so if you have any important settings then please remember to export them before we transition the computer so you can manually reset them. The things that we transfer include your documents, your desktop folder, any Microsoft Outlook “Personal Folders” (PSTs), your Microsoft Internet Explorer favorites/bookmarks, your Mozilla Firefox favorites/bookmarks and your Google Chrome favorites/bookmarks.

The upgrade process can take a great deal of time mainly due to the time it takes to transition the data. Typically an upgrade takes between 1-2 hours, but many take upwards of 4 hours. In the case of very large amounts of data storage the process can take longer and in those cases special considerations will have to be made and the process will have to be tailored for the situation. If there is no data then the process should be expected to take no more than an hour.

The standard image includes the Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many other programs, but computer applications cannot be ported over from your previous installation so application installations are lost in the upgrade process. Please be sure to have your reinstallation media and license codes so that you can install any software you need after the process. In the case of many applications, there may be a way to install the application from the Software Licensing Group Software page.

We always recommend backing up your data prior to this procedure just as we always recommend maintaining multiple backups of your data.

Computer Support: Phone, Remote, In-person

Our regular duties include general computer (desktop) support. This includes software support for issues that you cannot resolve yourself, malware (virus) clean-up, network troubleshooting (wired & wireless), operating system failures, software incompatibilities, etc.

We are available for in-person support, by phone and also by remote control. In most situations please schedule an appointment, especially for in-person support, but often for smaller issues we can usually resolve them remotely. Please see our remote support website for more information on how we can remotely control your computer to resolve support issues.

Please contact us for helping to resolve your computer issues.

Server Services

We provide various standard server services such as file server access to departments. If you wish to create a departmental share that does not exist currently if you need to alter the current departmental file share structure then please contact Robert Dowden. You can find his contact information on our contact us page. If you need other specialized server services then you can contact him to see if we are able to meet your needs or if we know of other paths forward for you. We also have access to provide research and teaching network space using0 the University NetApp server so please contact Robert Dowden for more information about your project if you have such a request.

External Services for Information Technology

If you are looking for additional services then you may need to contact other support areas at the University. Below we have listed a number of services that exist and we have provided links to the point of contacts for those services.
Description Point of Contact
Audio/Video Devices Audiovisual Technology (AVT)
Email (Exchange) Information Technology Services (ITS)
File Server Information Technology Services (ITS)
Hitech Classrooms Audiovisual Technology (AVT)
HuskyCT Information Technology Services (ITS)
Library Homer Commons IT (HCIT)
NetID (Account Management) Information Technology Services (ITS)
Network Information Technology Services (ITS)
PeopleSoft Information Technology Services (ITS)
Phone Information Technology Services (ITS)
Printers Biotechnology Bioservices Center Technical Services Facility
SkyBox (vPC) Information Technology Services (ITS)
Software Licenses Software License Group &
UConn Coop
Students Student Affairs Information Technology (SAIT) &
Student Affairs HuskyTech
VPN Information Technology Services (ITS)
Web Services Information Technology Services (ITS)
Wireless Information Technology Services (ITS)