Remote Support

If you are experiencing issues with your Windows computer and would like one of the CLAS Computer Support Group staff to remotely control your computer to help you a resolve an issue then please call us so we can set up a support connection with you. This tool allows us to fix most issues remotely, but there are a number of situations where it is not useful – such as very slow Internet connections and issues that prevent the computer from booting.

Most computers within CLAS will have the remote control client pre-installed. It can be found under the “Start Menu”, under “All Programs”, and at the top of the list as “CLAS CSG Remote Control”.

The client uses a reverse connection system so that no passwords are needed for a secure remote control session. This works by you as the end-user choosing to connect to us. This means that we can only remotely access your computer if you allow us to do so.

The client can be downloaded over HTTP or over HTTPS (port 444).