We recommend using a common departmental printer whenever possible but current rules allow purchasing single user and workstation printers. There is currently an upcoming initiative to provide common printing services to all staff and it is quite possible this service will be officially extended to faculty if the system is streamlined enough. If you need to purchase a personal printer or require printer assistance then please read below.

Printer Purchases

Printers can be purchased through any of the University suppliers, as well as by outside vendors. Officially printer purchases should be through GovConnection (Kuali), but other suppliers such as Dell (Kuali)OfficeMax (Kuali), Amazon and Staples can be used in some situations. If you purchase printers outside of our official contractors then you may need to provide evidence that the price is equal to or less than a contracted priced, or you may be able to provide an explanation for a business reason a contractor can’t be used.

We highly recommend purchasing laser printers over ink printers since ink printers cost much more per page, have a shorter lifespan and if unused for a period of time their cartridges will dry up.

The printers cannot be configured wirelessly due to network security restrictions. However, if you purchase a network printer it can be set up on the physical network and you can print to them through a wirelessly connected laptop.

We do not recommend “all-in-one” printers that combine functionality of printers, scanners and faxes as they are prone to hardware and software issues.

Recommended Printers


Description Model Cost  Color Speed (PPM) Duplex
Black and white for individual HP LaserJet Pro M404dn  $219.00 No 40 Yes
Color for small workgroup HP LaserJet Pro M454dn  Ask Yes 28 / 28 Yes

Printer Support

While we make recommendations on which printers to purchase we do not have printer repair experience or tools within the CLAS Computer Support Group. We can assist in working to make a printer interface with a computer, but hardware support on printers is outside of our provided services.

Normally when printers malfunction it is because ink / toner has been depleted, because a cartridge has been incorrectly installed, because there is a paper jam somewhere within the printer, because the printer needs to be internally cleaned, because a sensor has malfunctioned, because a roller can no longer grip paper, or because a gear or band has broken. Most of these malfunctions can be fixed by following instructions within the manual for the particular device you have.

In the case of a hardware fault with a printer that you are unable to personally troubleshoot you can either contact a repair service, replace the printer or attempt warranty repair with the manufacturer if it is still within its warranty period. For on-campus servicing you can contact the Technical Services Facility. Their Office Equipment Services unit is certified to perform repairs and diagnostics on HP printers, although they should be help to service other printers as well.