How To: Set Up Office365 Outlook Resource Mailbox As A Primary Account

If you need to set up Outlook to access a resource mailbox as a primary account, please follow the directions below. These instructions are typically needed for setting up a student to access a departmental mailbox.

These instructions are needed mainly because students do not have their own email accounts on Office 365 and instead have Google accounts. Since they don’t have an email account with Office 365, Outlook will fail to automatically detect their account.

You can also log onto Office 365 using a shared mailbox without using Outlook.

Some Outlook resource accounts only provide calendar features and not a mailbox in addition to a calendar. In that case, you can either request a student mailbox account from ITS or you can request that the resource account is also given a mailbox to make it accessible to student NetIDs.

If you already have an Outlook account, such as faculty and staff, then please visit this page that explains how to add-on an a shared resource mailbox to an existing account.

1] Access to Share Mailbox
The student’s NetID must first be granted access to the resource account. If the student doesn’t already have access then CLAS departments can contact Robert Dowden for granting them access. After being granted access please log off and log back onto the computer for the changes to take effect for the account.

2] Start Outlook
Open Outlook. You will need Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016.

3] Incorrect E-mail Address Automatically Provided
When Outlook starts for the first time it will attempt to automatically set up the account. For students, this will fail because they do not have an Office 365 account associated with their NetID.

screen shot of windows dialogue box

4] Provide the E-mail Address for the Resource Mailbox
Replace the “E-mail Address:” field with the email address of the administrative mailbox. In this example, we use, which is our general support email address.

screen shot of windows dialogue box

5] Begin Searching
Click on “Next” to begin searching for that account.

screen shot of windows dialogue box

6] Windows Security Box Prepopulates Incorrect User Name
A Windows Security message box will pop-up asking for credentials to log into the email account mailbox you provided. The username field is incorrect.

screen shot of windows dialogue box

7] Enter Your E-mail Address and NetID Password
Fill in your email address into the username field. This will typically be the email address of the student accessing the email account. And then enter your NetID password. Click OK.

screen shot of windows dialogue box

8] Click Finish Once Done
Once you click OK it should successfully complete the set up of the account and you click “Finish” to open the mailbox.

screen shot of windows dialogue box