How To: Use Remote Desktop Client

You can use Remote Desktop to remotely control your computer over the Internet. Specifically, these instructions are tailored to remotely accessing a University of Connecticut desktop computer that is connected to the UConn wired Ethernet network.

The Remote Desktop Connection client is installed on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, so you shouldn’t need to install anything when connecting from a Windows computer. In the case of a Mac, you can install a Microsoft Remote Desktop application from the Apple App Store to connect as well. There are also Remote Desktop clients available for iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android, Windows Phone, and Linux.

1} Remote Desktop server set-up
The first step is that you must first configure the computer you wish to control. You can see instructions for configuring a CLAS IT imaged computer with Windows 7 at the link below.

2} Start the Client
From a Windows computer click on the Start Menu and search for “Remote Desktop Connection” to find the application. Alternatively, you can hold the Windows Key and press R (Win+R) and type in mstsc and click OK.

screen shot of remote desktop connection dialogue box

3} Enter Address Into Computer Field
In the computer field enter the network address of the computer you wish to connect to. It is recommended that when you set up a UConn computer for Remote Desktop that you connect to it using the Active Directory DNS address, which is in the form of You will also need to append the port number, which is :8268 as shown in the image below. Please refer to the step 9 in the RDP server set up instructions for determining your computer’s network address.

screen shot of remote desktop connection dialogue box

4} Show Options
Click on the “Show Options” button to show additional configuration options. This is where you can change the username, but there are other tabs with additional options that you most likely will not need to alter.

screen shot of remote desktop connection dialogue box

5} Connect
When you click on the “Connect” button it will attempt to connect to the computer you specified. You should then be prompted to log on and you can remotely control your computer after you authenticate.