CLAS Systems

CLAS has developed several in-house systems that aid us in the administration and utilization of our resources.


Our CHAD system allows us to track employee changes and management, space utilization, and financial commitments to our various constituents. CHAD is the home to our dashboard system that allows us to view financial, staffing, and enrollment trends for all departments within the College.

CLAS Staffing Plan

The CLAS Staffing Plan (also known as BMS: Business Management Services) is an integrative system built to effectively improve the scheduling and proof process for departments within the College. This system communicates with the University’s Registrar’s Office to ensure transparency on course offerings. Department administrators have the ability to input and edit data regarding course offerings live at any time. We provide reporting capabilities within the system to review course details, teaching utilization and student analysis. The Staffing Plan has provided the College with the assistance to effectively utilize teaching professionals to assist in meeting the mission of the departments as well as the University.