Faculty Resources

CLAS is committed to developing innovative, best-practice processes within the College and University to facilities more efficient and effective processing of business transactions. Data from disparate systems is collected to maximize efficiency, leading to superior decision making.


Faculty Steps for Travel
  • Complete pre‐trip if:
    • Requesting an advance
    • Requesting Bradley Parking Permit
    • The travel is international
    • Department is requiring pre‐trip submission for all travel
      • Select Unit and KFS Group: CLAS Departments and your department
      • If an advance is requested, will route to staff member to initiate
      • Process for obtaining international insurance or Bradley Parking Permit will remain the same (facilitated by travel services)
  • Be sure to retain all original, paid, and itemized receipts during the course of your trip.
  • Upon return, submit all applicable receipts and documentation to appropriate staff member in your area.
  • Traveler must complete a post-trip web form to approve the reimbursement.
    • The traveler will receive an email notification, which will contain a link to the web form.
    • Click “approve” button at bottom of form so reimbursement can be submitted in financial system.


Booking through Sanditz

All business class airfare tickets are required to be booked through Sanditz. Reimbursement for any business class ticket not purchased through Sanditz will be capped at a coach class ticket price at the discretion of the Travel Office. Economy/coach class tickets are not required to be booked through Sanditz; however, it is recommended that they are booked through the University’s contracted agency. Booking through Sanditz allows for direct billing to the University, and ensures internal policy compliance at the time of purchase. All bookings made outside of Sanditz must be accompanied by documentation of comparable flight dates and locations, identifying that the outside vendor is cheaper than Sanditz offerings.

Not all hotel bookings have to be booked through Sanditz, but it is highly recommended since travelers now have the option to directly bill these expenses to the University. Policy compliance is also verified when direct billing hotels through Sanditz.

CLAS Financial Reports FAQs

Q: Why am I getting financial reports?

A: Anyone listed as an account supervisor in the University’s financial system (KFS)  within CLAS will receive auto-generated reports sent to their email on a bi-weekly basis.

Q: What if I think I should be receiving reports but am not?

A: Since the reports are generated based on who is listed as account supervisor, it would be best to contact your department administrator or the Business Center for assistance.

Q: What do the red highlighted boxes mean?

A: The boxes that appear in red indicate an approaching end date on an account, a past end date on an account, or an account deficit. You should contact your department administrator or Business Center for assistance in clearing up these issues.

Q: Why are there still old 5/6 ledger accounts listed on my account summary?

A: Please contact your dedicated GMS contact (located here: https://sharedservices.clas.uconn.edu/grants/) for accounts that remain on your statement but should have been closed out. It often takes several weeks for accounts to be finalized and removed from reports.

Q: Why didn’t I receive a report this week?

A: If all the accounts for which you are the account supervisor have no transactions in the bi-weekly period, you will not receive a report. If at least one transaction occurs, you will receive a report.

Q: What should I do if I don’t understand a charge?

A: If a charge looks incorrect or unfamiliar, please contact your department administrator, Business Center or Grant Management for assistance.