UConn Foundation Accounts

The UConn Foundation, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization that operates exclusively to promote the educational, scientific, cultural, research, and recreational objectives of the University of Connecticut. The Foundation does this by providing quality programs and services for its alumni and supporters, and by serving as the primary fundraising vehicle for the University. The Foundation solicits, administers, and invests private funds for the sole benefit of the University and its mission of pursuing excellence in teaching, research, and public service.

UConn Foundation accounts, created through philanthropic gifts, have different spending guidelines than University accounts. Any reimbursements from these funds to the University need to be expensed from the department’s 6-ledger Foundation accounts. Reimbursements should be made through the Foundation RFD system.

CLAS department administrators will receive monthly reports from the Foundation displaying current account balances and other information for their Foundation funds. Review Foundation account balances here.